Garten als Prinzip

Thoughts about a Series of Works, written by the end of 2020.

Developing the concept „Garden as a principle“ has taken up a great deal of space in my work in recent years. In addition to developing my own garden as a sensual, walkable and changeable structure and place of individual experience, works of various materials have been created for several years. This complex of works, which has not yet been shown in any presentation, addresses the garden as a place of appreciation, individual perception and social development. The garden as a separate being whose image can be walked through.

„Garden as a principle“ requires long-term discussion and a deep understanding of natural processes. In a garden, these are deliberately occupied with questions about the relationship between control versus growth and anarchy. Which, when and how much natural growth is possible and relevant? What growth corresponds to my pursuit of the “Good Garden”? How much growth can I allow and sustain? The resulting discourse closes the gap with the questions already raised in the field of “Art and Nature”: How much nature is society willing to endure and how much must it endure and make efforts not to destroy itself.

Based on the initially individual questions that develop from working directly with the garden, the artistic dialogue is inevitably subject to constant movement and acts metaphorically. The focus is “outside the box of your own garden fence” and focuses on the still neglected public space.

„Garden as a principle“ can only be viewed and understood with the penetration of housing, interior and exterior space. The garden as a principle, or your “own four walls”, are ultimately the placeholders for the reflection of life-supporting questions.